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Tiszatér (‘Tisza Region’)

Tiszatér (‘Tisza Region’)

Association was founded in 1993, and provides the complete range of regional and urban developmental services for towns, it primarily writes tender applications. While
successfully planning, preparing and carrying out projects financed by the state
of Hungary or by the EU, the association has developed a fruitful cooperation with the towns, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs in this small region.


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Our office is located on the first floor of the Regional Developmental Centre at no. 8, Ady Endre Street, Tiszavasvári where we offer the following services to our clients:
• Project preparation;
• Finding resources;
• Writing tender applications;
• Arranging public procurements;
• Project management;
Writing business plans and feasibility studies;
• Arranging developments and investments;
• Operating a free small-regional information system.

Tiszatér Service Office
no. 8, Ady Endre Street, 4440 Tiszavasvári
Phone: +36/42 275-138
Mobile: +36/30 207-9650
Fax: +36/42 520-049
E-mail: tiszater [at] tiszater [dot] hu

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