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Dr. Erika Juhász Dentist

Dr.  Erika Juhász Dentist

I have founded this enterprise in 1996.
Number of employees: 1 person
Range of services: full-scale dental services.
Treatments belonging to the full-scale dental services:
- dental screening,
- mucous membrane treatment,
- tooth extraction,
- fillings: amalgam and composite resin fillings
- Fixed dental prostheses: bridges, crowns;
- Mobile dental prostheses: metal, acrilate and flexible dentures
- tooth whitening,
- Dental treatment for children,
- X-raying, - tooth jewels,
- root treatment,
- dental-hygienic advising.



Contact details: +36/30 370-7730, +36/42 275-436
Email: drjuhasz [dot] erika [at] gmail [dot] com
Dentist’s office: 14, Kossuth Street, Tiszavasvári